What is Kaspersky’s SAS conference all about?

What is Kaspersky’s SAS conference all about?

The information security threat continues to increase as time goes by, thanks to cyber criminals who continue to advance their skills and outsmart security experts. According to statistics, it is estimated that in the first half of 2018 alone, about 4.5 billion records were exposed due to data breaches. In 2019, almost 3 billion identity records, comprising 774 million unique email addresses as well as 21 million unique passwords were compromised and posted online for sale. Yet, the first half of 2019 is barely over! It is estimated that the number of data breaches that will be recorded by the end of this year will triple that, which was documented in 2018. So, does it mean that cybersecurity experts have been defeated by the criminals and given up the fight just like that?

Absolutely not! These experts are doing a lot behind the scenes to protect computer users, including doing continuous research to figure out better ways in which cybersecurity threat can be eliminated once and for all. Cybersecurity conferences are also an important part of the efforts aimed at eliminating the threat. That is where the Kaspersky Security Analyst Summit(SAS) conference comes in.

What is Kaspersky’s SAS Conference All About?

Wondering what is Kaspersky’s SAS conference all about? Fair enough, this is an annual cybersecurity event organized high-level cybersecurity experts and other stakeholders, including law enforcement agencies and computer emergency readiness teams. It also attracts senior executives from government agencies, technology companies, financial institutions, as well as academic institutions.

The last conference, which was held in Singapore, consisted of over ten keynote speakers from leading global entities. Some of them included Maddie Stone from Google, Kurt Baumgartner from Kaspersky Lab, and Kris McConkey from PwC.

The conference offers a conducive atmosphere for debates alongside brainstorming discussions on the subject, information sharing and demonstration of advanced research, new technologies, as well as ways to enhance collaboration in the war against cyber-crime.

Where Does the Kaspersky SAS Conference Take Place?

The Kaspersky Security Analyst Summit has been held in different cities across the world over the years. These include Tenerife, Spain, ST. Maarten, Netherlands, Cancun, Mexico, and Singapore, in 2016/17/18/19, respectively.

Who Sponsors the Kaspersky SAS Conference?

The Kaspersky SAS conference is a major cybersecurity event that attracts the attention of many big entities across the globe. For example, the latest conference, which was held in Singapore, was sponsored by over ten major entities, across various industries. These entities were; Microsoft, Air France, KLM, Skyteam, United, Blackberry, Quintel, Shack, Chronical, 360, Talos, and Anomali. The other sponsors included Avast, Baidu, Virusbulletin, Infosec In The City, Div0, Coseinc, ThreatPost, and Kaspersky.

Final Thoughts

The Kaspersky SAS conference is an important security event that is held every year with one primary objective; to defeat cybercrime. It provides an exclusive environment for cybersecurity experts to come together to brainstorm, exchange knowledge, skills and new technologies for the sole purpose of eliminating cybersecurity threat.