11 Prominent Features of Backup Exec BKF repair Pro Tool for data recovery

11 Prominent Features of Backup Exec BKF repair Pro Tool for data recovery

Backup Exec BKF repair pro tool is now making the recovery of data from inaccessible multiple BKF files easy and within a short period. Let’s check out the features and help you choose the right data recovery tool.

  1. Batch recovery support

In case you want to recover single or several corrupt BKF documents at once. This tool has the option where you can select multiple records at once and retrieve most data with one click.

  1. Data preview

The tool allows you to preview the data recovered before you can decide to save it. This ensures that you retrieve and save the right data.

  1. Recovery snapshots

With this feature, you can save a snap of the BKF file’s scanning procedure at your chosen location. This helps to avoid rescanning the same files in the future.

  1. Auto-search

This feature lets you search for a particular BKF file right from the system in an automatic mode. This is especially useful when the file location is unknown.

  1. Log file creation

It lets you create a log file in text format that includes all the information regarding the BKF retrieval procedure at your chosen location.

  1. Recovery of compressed BKF files

This tool can retrieve corrupt BKF files that are in a compressed form. It does this by identifying the compression types and decompressing them for retrieval.

  1. Two recovery modes

This tool can use two different restoration methods to help recover corrupt BKF files. The modes include danced mode and standard mode. Advanced mode is used for files that are corrupted severely and cannot be repaired.

  1. Complete backup recovery

This tool can carry out a complete retrieval from damaged BKF files generated by Symantec Backup Exec and Windows NT-Backup utility. It takes little time to recover any BKF files of any size.

  1. SQL database restoration

This tool can help you recover SQL database from damaged BKF files. Check restore SQL database records box if you wish to do so.

  1. Interactive user interface

The tool’s user-interface is not technical, and it is user-friendly. It is easy to use, and this means you do not require any technical knowledge. It has a self-relating mode that makes it ideal for all users.

  1. Tree structure preview

After the tool completes scanning, it lets you see all the restored folders and files in a tree-arrangement. You can first make the root folder bigger and then the rest of the folder. You can also check the restored files within.

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